Wednesday, March 16, 2011

poke #3

"hey uncle joaquin while your back there could you check to make sure all my parts are there? i heard my girl two-legged talking about cutting snipping something off."

and who says horses can't talk?!

pableus pokes #2

read from right to left again. someday i'll get it right...

this cartoon is dedicated to you know who who lives you know where about you know who got lost somewhere??!!XX?#!!? hehe....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

pableus pokes

read from right to left (i'm a dork...i did this a bit 'backwards)

i'm a smart ass. and i've discovered over the years that if i don't give myself the freedom to express what's on my mind and heart, it comes out eventually, all wrong. so...i'm giving myself that freedom here in this blog and pableu has agreed to help me do some of that expressing in the form of cartoons starring him. we don't intend to hurt anyone, or make anyone feel small or bad but we want to use humor to make folks laugh and think at the same time. if you think the humor is hard well, perhaps it is. but so is life because we make it that way and if you can't handle it then simply don't look, it's okay! we have to be able to laugh at the ugly and insane sometimes. if one can't then life will eat you up and spit you out or at the very least, bite at your ankles. the first cartoon came to life the day we saw tiny babies drinking at a spring a week before the twin peaks round up and we wondered how they were going to survive the run. here goes...