Monday, January 28, 2013

so many changes!

pableu and rosebud share...

it's been so long since i wrote on pableu's blog and so many things have happened. some good, some very good and some not so good. after moving all of us, ponies, pups and tiger to a place with jobs and a home that promised to be too good to be true (it was) we are at a new location in the shasta valley that we are now calling home. smoke and echo are in their habitat right outside, joaquin and helaku on winter pasture with the cows out back and pableu has gone to live at dreamcatcher's sheep rock with rosebud (remember her?) her mama sage, some calico horses and some others from twin peaks and elsewhere. we could only have 2 horses here we had to decide who to keep here and who to send there. since pabs has family there it turned out to be the best place for him. he will be free again soon to travel the hills, buck and play, surrounded by the beauty of sheep rock and many many pretty fillies. my heart misses him very very much but i know he couldn't be in a better place. i went to go see him yesterday and he was glad i did. he's growing straight up like a weed and is as sweet and friendly as ever. so...even tho this blog will feature him from time to time, i want to also write about the other boys and talk about how they are coming along too. blogging is good. you get it out, let it flow. and even if no one reads what you wrote you have a place to put what you hold in your heart. for now, here's a pic of pableu and rosebud drinking water together. pretty darned cute hm? 

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